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S8:E1 - The Atom No. 16 (1965)

Fate of the Flattened-Out Atom!

Oct 29, 2018

This time on the Couch: The fun is so small you'd swear it's not even there when Mike, James, and Shée read 1965's The Atom no. 16! In this novel-length adventure, kids in the 60s finally got what they were clamoring for in their comic books: A superhero who complains about being sleepy all the time and then loses a fight to an old man. While trying to get some rest on a local tree branch (sure!), the Atom is confronted by an elderly creep who wants his sweet lactic acid (sure!!). The minuscule mite seems to forget that he can change his size to deal with things like this and ends up flattened out by a science iron. Flat, prone, and alone, the tiny titan has to sit around thinking about his poor life decisions while his geriatric superior hits the casino. Also, the Atom kills a bird. It's messed up, man.

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