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The Golden Age Girls (1940-1941)

A Superlady Cavalcade

Sep 30, 2019

This time on the Couch: It's a very special episode of America's only comic book podcast [verification needed] as Mike, James, and Shée spotlight five forgotten pre-Wonder Wonder female superheroes! Meet Amazona, who will systematically ruin your existence if you call her 'babe'! Wildfire, who taught kids everywhere that fire can't hurt you if you're not afraid of it! Mother Hubbard, with the power of being an old haggy witch who can still afford to own a house somehow! Fantomah, who uses skeleton powers to turn people into godless abominations! And Margot the Magician, who hypnotizes Nazis and just kinda leaves them there to deal with that shit! Sure, the stories may've been crude and racist, and the morals ethically questionable, and maybe their best features were stripped from them and injected into male power fantasies that warped the worldviews of generations to come, but... there's not really a great way to end that sentence. Plus, keep up to date on the latest "Reagan shutting down mental institutions" news by following Shée at @reaganshutmdown, and James forgets to thank comicbookplus.com for housing all this public domain goodness in the first place! Oops!

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