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Ep.233 – Funnyman No. 1 (1948)

Oh, So You Think You're Some Kinda Funnyman, Huh?

Apr 24, 2023

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée throw a pie at Funnyman no. 1! A decade after Superman, creators Siegel and Shuster went double or nothing with their new hero, Funnyman! Armed with a rubber nose, zero training, and the ability to never take anything seriously ever, Funnyman pratfell his way onto the comics rack for six glorious issues of baggy-panted hilarity! Scourge of the underworld, the only ones who didn't love Funnyman were criminals! And comic book readers, it seems. Actually, the cops don't seem to like him much, either. And his girlfriend is getting pretty tired of it as well. You know, it's actually pretty impressive how he keeps such a good attitude!

Link to James' marathon fundraiser: https://support.researchautism.org/Chicago2023/jameso

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