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Ep.208 – The Savage Dragon No. 34 (1996)

Das Kann Nicht Sein

Jun 13, 2022

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée expose THEIR brains to The Savage Dragon no. 34! Chicago's favorite amnesiac police officer crosses paths with demonspawn federal agent Hellboy in a contest to see which can make licking the boot of law enforcement look less cool. It's Christmas morning and Hellboy's investigating a train yard to find out why all sorts of ghouls are hanging out down there. Uh, maybe because it's super rad? Why else would all those grunge bands be having their photos taken there? Since the Savage Dragon also doesn't have any loved ones, the two decide to channel their rage into breaking enough stuff to make Fred Durst proud. Can the two put aside their frustration at being unlovable freaks long enough to get some work done and maybe solve a case? And do you think Hellboy having a single stone fist means he's always veering to the right a little bit?

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