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Ep.187 – Spider-Woman No. 20 (1979)

Tangled Webs

Nov 29, 2021

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée swing into 1979's Spider-Woman no. 20! Between losing her job due to general incompetence and getting evicted because she doesn't bother reading her own mail, Jessica Drew, aka the Spider-Woman, is having a bad day. And now she's being followed by the completely unrelated Spider-Man, who wants to see if she might be a good candidate for another girlfriend he can get killed! After some casual superhero flirting (read: reckless destruction of private property with no repercussions), Jessica spills her insanely-complicated backstory, involving cow people, serum injections, rocket ships, Hydra franchise locations, and several wizards of questionable integrity. Will the ol' Webhead stick around to help piece together the horribly fractured mind of his new ladyfriend? Uh, look, he's got an early morning tomorrow and everything, it's just a bad time, y'know?

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