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The Inhumans No. 3 (1976)

Panic in New York!

Sep 16, 2019

This time on the Couch: Not a repost! Not a typo! Not an imaginary episode! Mike, James, and Shée are still reading the Inhumans! In 1976's Inhumans no. 3 the group decides to go all Muppets Take Manahattan and head to the big city to beg some real superheroes to help them figure out why their town sucks so bad. Unfortunately for the Inhumans, hot on their trail is Kree supersoldier Shatterstar, who had a perfectly good costume going until he decided to paint the spinning Apple colorwheel on his chest like he was having trouble loading up Keynote. All that plus the return of lovable giant bulldog Lockjaw, and James tells the world the things he had to Judo chop to survive the mean streets of Detroit.

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