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S17:E6 - Sonic Disruptors No. 1 (1987)

Are You Ready to Rock?

Jul 5, 2021

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée try to explain what 'radio' is to anyone under 30 while reading Sonic Disruptors no. 1! In the year 2030, the American government has undertaken a coup that's made rock music and communist sympathy illegal. Luckily, a gang of leftie weirdos have taken up residence in a satellite and is broadcasting whatever the gosh durn heck they please, free of stuffy format restrictions and FCC-mandated weekly Emergency Broadcast System tests. Thanks grandpa, but I'm pretty sure if there's a tornado coming I'll hear about it on Twitter. Can the Sonic Disruptors overthrow the US government using only the combined power of hot riffs and outdated broadcasting mediums? No idea, because this book was cancelled barely halfway through it's intended 12-issue run. Most likely the left won a hollow, meaningless victory which they then proceeded to squander until the distinction between them and their political opponents was all but eliminated, robbing a disenfranchised citizenry of even the illusion of true representation. Happy Fourth, everyone!

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