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S11:E4 - The Spirit No. 11 (1963)

The Case of the Bulky Buzzard!

Apr 13, 2020

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée take a rickety ghost train to the 1940s to check in on Will Eisner's classic Golden Age adventurer, the Spirit! Read along as the legendary hero snares criminals, fights birds, saves innocents, strangles a goddamn bird, solves mysteries, and refuses to confront the psychological underpinnings of his weird hatred of birds! Plus, pick up some style tips from the villainous Mr. Carrion, who's rocking kind of a fancy hobo pimp look. It's been almost a century and fashion still hasn't caught up to that level of steez. And don't worry if that all sounds like too much entertainment, because in typical 60s reprint fashion, there's also some unrelated filler trash to drag down the average. Seriously, who the hell is Honeybun? (Thanks to comicbookplus.com for hosting these old comics for free, including this very issue: https://comicbookplus.com/?dlid=62286)

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