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Ep.161 – Strange Adventures No. 201 (1967)

The Mod Gorilla Boss!

May 31, 2021

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée wonder why a gorilla would wear a suit when they read Strange Adventures no. 201! If you were printing comics in the 60s, there was no better way to move units than to put a primate in your book and set him loose on an unsuspecting hero. Also, if you were printing comics in the 60s, hopefully you swiped enough copies of Amazing Fantasy no. 15 to have retired by now. But while you were achieving financial independence, D-lister Animal Man was fighting a 400-pound monster in a fedora, and getting absolutely wrecked in the process! Maybe next time try absorbing the abilities of an animal that can reconstruct its spine after it's been ground into paste! Plus, in another tale, two daring adventurers with the same fashion sense fight their way through a surreal hellscape in order to tip over an old man's tub of Hydrocodone. Enjoy your joint pain, grandpa! That's what you get for doing your squats incorrectly all these years!

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