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Ep.238 – Billy Ray Cyrus Marvel Music Special (1995)

Old Town Load

Jul 3, 2023

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée saddle up for the Billy Ray Cyrus Marvel Music Special! In the 90s, Marvel Comics went looking to the music world for their next hot properties, and country music megastar Billy Ray Cyrus threw his mullet into the ring for a couple of pageturning adventures! In the first, Billy Ray employs ghosts and cultural appropriation in a plot to keep a couple of teen lovers from achy breaking up during a camping trip! Then, he brings a DIFFERENT pair of teenage lovers on a time-travelling jaunt to 13th century England! Wow. This guy, uh... he really likes using his fame to convince young people to hang out with him in remote locations, huh? It's probably nothing to worry about.

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