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S17:E10 - Batman No. 147 (1962)

Batman Becomes Bat-Baby!

Aug 2, 2021

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée get fussy while reading 1962's Batman no. 147! An evil scientist has de-aged Batman while allowing him to keep his adult mind and strength, which arguably makes him less like an evil scientist and more like the greatest person who ever lived. Nonetheless, Bruce Wayne won't tolerate being too short to drive recklessly through the streets of Gotham, so he'll don an adorable new suit and carve a path of pint-sized justice through the underworld to find the man who did this to him! Now if only he could figure out who got his nose! And in another story, Batman and Robin encounter a space farmer whose crazy freak plants are being used to help gangsters steal valuable jewels. Hopefully Bruce has good mental health insurance, because these are the kinds of adventures that are absolutely going to shatter Robin psychologically any day now.

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