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S13:E9 - Child's Play No. 4 (1991)

Night of the Living Dolls

Oct 19, 2020
This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée are still slashing their way through a month of allegedly spooky comics! In Child's Play no. 4, murderous doll Chucky has to fight his way through a department store full of more sentient, non-copyright-infringing toys! How did they come to life? Why are they so angry? How come a book based on a horror movie franchise isn't even attempting to be scary? And why couldn't Innovation Publishing innovate themselves a business model that would last longer than five years? There won't be any answers, but at least there'll be plenty of goofy puns. Hey, Halloween 2020 was going to be a disappointment anyway, you might as well start getting used to it now.
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