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S15:E2 - Prez No. 3 (1973)

Invasion of America

Jan 18, 2021
This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée certify 1973's Prez no. 3! America has elected their first teenage president, and a right-wing militia is none too happy about it! The Prez plans to unilaterally take away all of the country's guns, which is pretty in line with how every eighteen-year-old assumes government works, so they're nailing this book so far. But things go wildly off the rails when insurgents attack the White House, leading to rampant bloodshed, an attempted coup, and probably more than a few stolen flagpoles. Realizing he's in way over his hormone-addled skull, Prez turns to Eagle Free, his Native American FBI chief who refuses to use indoor plumbing, to sort this mess out while he practices kissing girls in magazines. It's a tale so preposterous it could only happen in comics! And, sometimes, in real life, which is kind of like God's comics.
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