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S14:E8 - Jonah Hex No. 34 (1979)

Christmas in an Outlaw Town

Dec 21, 2020
This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée celebrate the holidays with 1979's Jonah Hex no. 34! Hot on the trail of some yuletide bandits, the grizzled bounty hunter finds himself in a town populated by nothing but miscreants and lowlives! Assuming he's just wandered into Des Moines, Jonah is shocked to find out that he's actually discovered a genuine outlaw town, and it's run by his own dirtbag of a father! Papa Hex doesn't take too kindly to his boy bringing all this big city justice around and throws him in jail, which is exactly the kind of cold-blooded leadership that made him the mayor of a criminal settlement in the first place, so at least it's very on-brand. Jonah Hex may be the rootinest, tootinest, horrific-facial-disfigurementest lawman in all the land, but is he tough enough to deal with his unresolved daddy issues this Christmas? And did he remember to charge overtime for working on a federal holiday?
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