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Ep.194 – Marvel Premiere Featuring Paladin No. 43 (1978)

In Manhattan, They Play For Keeps

Jan 17, 2022

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée are podcasters for hire, taking on the daring mission of reading Marvel Premiere Featuring Paladin no. 43! Underdeveloped damsel in distress Marsha has a problem: Her abusive boyfriend is angry for no reason again and has decided to unleash his wrath under the guise of the villainous Phantasm! Luckily, Marsha's got enough cash in her hidden savings account to hire Paladin to protect her for a couple of days! But when the battle threatens to black out all of Manhattan, will Marsha be able to pay Paladin's overtime rate? Hey lady, nobody said nothing about no city-savin'! It's a character so great he never had to headline an issue of a comic book ever again, instead only making guest appearances for the rest of his publishing existence. Wow, it's like an early retirement for Paladin! The residuals on this issue must be sweet!

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