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Action Comics No. 593 (1987)

The Suicide Snare

Aug 19, 2019

This time: Mike, James, and Shée make room on the casting couch for Big Barda with 1987's Action Comics no. 593! Barda and Mister Miracle's marriage is put to the test when they receive a mysterious VHS tape from stone-faced God demon/podcast inspiration Darkseid. Turns out the morally despicable villain Sleez has hypnotized Barda and is forcing her to act in pornos that her husband may or may not be into! The only problem (okay, there are actually a great many problems here) is that Barda is simply too strong for human co-stars! The solution? Why not mind-control Superman as well and get him in here? There's really no way that could blow up in your face! I guess those New Gods like to live dangerously.

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