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Ep.173 – Captain America No. 378 (1990)

Grand Stand Play

Aug 23, 2021

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée just say 'yes' to Captain America no. 378! The year was 1990 and the war on drugs was in full effect, empowering both heartless Nazis like Red Skull and heartless capitalists like the Kingpin to profit off of American puritanism. But in comics, unlike in the real world, there can only be one evil billionaire exploiting society's failings, and so the two villains agree to settle their differences with an old-fashioned underwear fight! When you're that wealthy, it's the only way to get excited about anything anymore. Unfortunately, Captain America accidentally smelled some marijuana smoke or something and demanded the Avengers immediately swap out his blood for some clean stuff, so now he's just a regular yoked-up dude with a shield! Can he break up the fight in time to lick George Bush's boots clean for his big meeting with Noriega? The future of drug-fueled imperialism depends on it!

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