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S15:E3 - Prez No. 4 (1973)

Vampire in the White House

Jan 25, 2021
This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée celebrate two insurrection-free weeks with 1973's Prez no 4! After the teenage President Rickard donates a much-needed dam to an impoverished country, he learns why adult politicians never bother with helping anyone. Turns out all that altruism has angered the nearby vampire contingent, who send their wolfman lawyer to the states to threaten unholy Eastern European-style violence! After Prez laughs him out of the White House on account of his smelly wolfman fur, things take a turn for the unbelievably worse when a legless Dracula orders an infestation of rabies bats be dropped on America! It's the kind of airtight comic book plotting that makes you say, "Yeah, I can see why they cancelled this."
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