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Ep.190 – Batman No. 45 (1948)

A Parole for Christmas!

Dec 20, 2021

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée find a lump of Batman no. 45 in their stocking! It's a vaguely yuletide grab bag of superhero nonsense, starting with Catwoman ruining a bunch of Hollywood productions because they're not about her! Ironically, had she gotten to see the actual Catwoman movie, she probably would've just kept her head down and enjoyed all those stolen jewels like a sensible person. Then, a reformed criminal gets knocked unconscious by some ruffians while on the way to spend the holidays with his girlfriend. Luckily, eternal hyperchad Bruce Wayne is willing to fill in for him, and probably get a little action in the process. Hey, if you don't want Batman posing as you to make out with your girlfriend, maybe don't get assaulted by roving gangsters! And finally, Batman encounters a ginger! That story must be left over from a Halloween issue.

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