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S18:E10 - Batman No. 523 (1995)

Scarecrow Pt. 1: Dark Wings Fly Away in Fear

Oct 11, 2021

This time on the Couch: Things get spooky for Mike, James, and Shée when they read 1995's Batman no. 523! The Scarecrow is terrorizing the bullies from his past again, but this time he's been drawn all weird! Can Batman and his strong jawline put a stop to Crane's very specific reign of terror before, like, three or four people get hurt? And would it really be all that bad if he didn't? What's the return on investment for this whole "vigilante" thing anyway? Is it actually worth all this effort just to ensure that a handful of meatheads who peaked in high school get to continue contributing nothing to society until they die a nice natural death? Is this the absolute best use of Batman's resources? I mean, he knows about homeless people, right? They're all over town! Anyway, it's a pretty cool book. Happy Halloween!

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