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Ep.162 – Doc Savage No. 22 (1990)

The Asteroid Terror, Pt. 1

Jun 7, 2021

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée read Doc Savage no. 22 during a break in their daily two hours of exercise! In this issue, Doc Savage, adventurer and golden-skinned ultra-Chad, spins a light-hearted tale from his boyhood about the time he and his parents took a family trip to Siberia! Of course, they were there to pick over the ruins of a massive asteroid strike, and the whole thing gets sidelined by the murder of Savage's mother, as well as some awkward confusion about who his real father is, but by Savage Family standards it went pretty well! They probably went back the next year! Unfortunately, the young Savage got so busy with his regular routine of squats and bronzing that by the time he became an adult he'd forgotten to do something about the next asteroid strike, which is scheduled for... any day now!? Uh oh! How many dips is he gonna have to do to solve this mess?

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