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Ep.204 – Weird War Tales No. 89 (1980)

The Primate Patrol

Apr 18, 2022

This time on the Couch: Things get weird for Mike, James, and Shée as they read Weird War Tales no. 89! War is hell when a bunch of gorillas subscribe to a particular ideology that savvy podcasters know not to write in their show notes for fear of getting banned! Just look at their armbands, folks. How did the Primate Platoon come to be? Which Steve Bannon speech did they hear that made them become so problematic? And where do you get guns with wide enough trigger guards for gorilla fingers? Plus, speaking of problematic figures, you'll never guess which slashhappy former running back makes a surprise appearance! If you guessed O.J. Simpson, you're wrong: He actually makes TWO appearances!

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