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Ep.234 – William Shatner's TekWorld No. 17 (1994)

Destination Kyoto

May 8, 2023

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée blast off for a return trip to William Shatner's TekWorld with issue no. 17! The last time the Couch checked in on the good Captain's ambitious vanity project, it was a hodge podge of generic sci-fi tropes and poorly-developed characters, but that was probably just first issue jitters! Sixteen issues later, okay, sure, it's still got the two-dimensional characters, but now they're sexy two-dimensional characters! Some of them are even robots! You like robots, right? Sure you do, everyone likes robots! Just... just go along with it, okay? We thought we were reading Demolition Man.

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