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S13:E7 - The Twilight Zone No. 88 (1978)

The Meet Shall Inherit...

Oct 5, 2020
This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée begin a month of spooky comic book tales with The Twilight Zone no. 88! An adaptation of the iconic television show, The Twilight Zone comic might not have the show's signature eerie charm and social relevance, but it makes up for it in topless drawings of a pretty buff Rod Serling! In the cover story, a dork receives a mysterious barbell that makes him instantly jacked, but when his ego gets out of control he learns the greatest lesson of all: Too much cardio will really burn up your gains. Oh, and be kind to others or whatever. Then, two other stories that weren't good enough to be on the cover! Those are probably so good people didn't even think they needed to be advertised!
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