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S10:E8 - Tales From the Crypt No. 27 (1951)

Let the Crypt Keeper Be Your Valentine

Feb 17, 2020
This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée go looking for a good spooking when they read 1951's Tales From the Crypt no. 27! While some people may say that nobody's in the mood to read a horror comic right around Valentine's Day, those people fail to realize that this book isn't scary at all. It barely even qualifies as entertainment, actually: A misandrist wants to kill all men but will settle for just the really dumb ones! A couple of putzes put on a gruesome play because that's what was hot in the 50s! A woman beds a ghost who disappears on her in the morning, proving that dying doesn't necessarily mean you'll stop being an unethical dawg! Plus, (mis)remembering Patrick Swayze's 'Ghost,' trying out a new sign-off, and why does it take three ghouls to run a crypt anyway?
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