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S11:E3 - Judge Dredd: The Judge Child Quest No. 4 (1984)

Jigsaw Disease and Other Comic Book Nonsense!

Apr 6, 2020

This time, on three different Couches spaced at least six feet apart: Mike, James, and Shée practice social distancing while doing a remote read of Judge Dredd: The Judge Child Quest no. 4! Welcome to some weird backwards Dr. Seuss world where some idiot human went and got himself infected with the exotic and terrifying Jigsaw Disease! As perfectly formed pieces of his body disappear, the questions continue to mount: How long will he survive? Where are the pieces going? Are there sanitary wipes there? If so, can we get the hook up? Also, mustachioed space frogs, bumpkin gangs with cyborg parts, and pushy intergalactic salesmen. Oh, and Judge Dredd might show up as well, time permitting.

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