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S13:E6 - Marvel Two-In-One No. 65 (1980)

The Serpent Crown Affair Part 2: Serpents From the Sea

Sep 28, 2020
This time on Stingray's Cove: Mike, James, and Shée look for shelter from 1980's Marvel Two-In-One no. 65! Everyone's favorite superhero finally gets his chance to shine when Stingray singlehandedly takes down a gang of snake-themed terrorists! Well, technically he gets his aquatic ass handed to him immediately after stumbling unto an undersea heist, but he probably only let them win so that The Thing could look like a hero. That guy's life is a horror show, he deserves a win. Then, Triton the Inhuman makes flimsy excuses for why he didn't help despite being the only one with actual water-based superpowers. Bro, if you didn't want to hang out with Stingray just say so, nobody's gonna blame you.
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