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Ep.225 – Action Comics No. 337 (1966)

From Riches to Rags

Jan 16, 2023

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée put on their top hats and spats to read Action Comics issue 337! It's only week two of Supermanuary, but it seems Superman's already gotten bored and has resorted to bizarre stunts to keep himself invested in this whole "fighting crime" thing. Why is the man of steel dressing up in a series of goofy outfits to stop criminals instead of just punting them out of the galaxy? Don't worry about it, just tell him he looks great in that headdress and pray he doesn't eye-laser your skull in half. Then, Supergirl travels to another planet where everything's just slightly different than on Earth, but still totally unbearable for any sustained period of time. Are we sure she's not just in Iowa?

Link to donate to James' marathon fundraiser to benefit autism research: https://support.researchautism.org/Chicago2023/jameso

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