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Ep.157 – Damage Control Vol. 1 No. 2 (1989)

In It Up to Arrears

May 3, 2021

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée settle some debts by reading 1989's Damage Control no. 2! On the rare occasion that comic book superheroes are called upon to take responsibility for their actions, they call Damage Control to rebuild the vast expanses of public property they've carelessly destroyed. Still no word on how they plan to repair the psychological damage caused by viciously beating mentally-ill criminals in the streets, but, y'know, baby steps. This time, Latverian king and all-around fashionista Dr. Doom is behind on payments, and some schmuck has to go collect using the most dangerous superpower of all: The threat of a lowered credit score! Good luck financing that jet ski NOW, Doom! Plus, the Thing mutates into a form so hideous that half of the Fantastic Four leave the team in disgust! Hey pal, I know you're trying to save the universe and all, but can you do it away from where we're trying to eat?

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