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S14:E10 - Robin No. 7 (1994)

Turning Point

Jan 4, 2021
This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée kick off the new year with Robin no. 7, a comic book about a delusional narcissist who refuses to leave his job after being fired for acting like a psychopath! Jean-Paul Valley has been Batman for a little while now, and things are going so terrific, you just wouldn't believe it. Every window in Gotham has been shattered, making it much easier for people to see if someone is committing a crime, the new Batsuit has endless merchandising possibilities, and Robin is finally wearing leggings. But for some reason Bruce Wayne, who's way too old to be Batman anyway, thinks this is HIS Batcave under HIS house and wants to take over again! Please! Bruce Wayne doesn't even have flamethrower claws, folks. Jean-Paul Valley has the BEST flamethrower claws, everyone says so!
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