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S15:E5 - Undertaker No. 6 (1999)

Battle in the Bone Yard

Feb 8, 2021
This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée raise Undertaker no. 6 from the dead! It was 1999, and Chaos! Comics had to find a way to adapt wrestling megastar Undertaker to their signature blood-and-gore-and-uncomfortable-cleavage aesthetic. The solution was clear: Just do whatever, man, it doesn't matter. Freed of all restrictions concerning narrative, canon, characterization, or even coherent plot structure, the resulting product finds a bunch of WWF wrestlers with undefined supernatural powers being set loose in some gothic set piece that looks like if Lord of the Rings hated its parents. Can Undertaker and Pals reclaim the Necroverse? Does anyone take Paul Bearer seriously when he talks? And shouldn't Mankind be under adult supervision? All of these answers and more... if you write your own comic book instead!
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