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Nth Man: The Ultimate Ninja No. 1 (1989)


Apr 29, 2019

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée head to the mythical comic book land of Russia for 1989's Nth Man: The Ultimate Ninja no. 1! Set against a landscape of sultry accents and soldiers who match their socks to their underwear just in case, World War III is ravaging the globe. Unfortunately Nth Man wouldn't know anything about that because he's been locked up in an underground cell working on his beach bod for years. But the time for shirtless, high-stakes escapes has come, as a team of American (yeah!) soldiers (hell yeah!) and an aged martial arts guru (OH HOLY SHIT YEAH!) must break Nth out so that... something else... can happen. Maybe? Okay, the long-term plan is kinda vague at this point, but just look at those glistening abs! More like "Ultimate Nin-JACKED", right!?! Also, Mike and James explain cucking porn tropes to Shée, which may go a long way towards explaining why two straight guys are so cavalier about complimenting men's physiques all the time.

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