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Ep.213 – Jungle Adventures No. 2 (1971)

Trail of the Golden Idol

Aug 15, 2022

This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée relax comfortably in the treetops while reading Jungle Adventures no. 2! Meet Zangar, the Hollywood movie star who moonlights as a mankini-wearing defender of the jungle! He and his two tiny ocelots (not a metaphor for testicles) spend the afternoon breaking up a ring of thieves who all share an apartment together because they're not very good at turning their crimes into livable wages. Then there's a story featuring Jo-Jo, who's pretty much the same guy, except stupider and way easier to take advantage of. He's sorta the Billy Carter to Zangar's Jimmy. And don't forget the mighty Sheena, queen of the jungle! Cross her and be suffocated by her mighty jungle thighs! Or join her and still be suffocated by her mighty jungle thighs, but as a reward this time! That's the law of the jungle, baby!

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