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S10:E9 - Avengers No. 319 (1990)

The Waterwind Interdiction

Mar 2, 2020
This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée venture into international waters when they read 1990's Avengers no. 319! After a British submarine is hijacked, Captain America resorts to the "pick-up basketball game" method of team recruitment, since most of the real Avengers couldn't be bothered. Gathering whoever hasn't had their phone disconnected yet, Cap duct-tapes together a supergroup consisting of Sersi, Quasar, a Vision who's dealing with some sort of midlife crisis, and... Stingray. He's a guy who studies fish, and then decided to make a costume to go along with that. Okay, you know what, maybe just let the bad guys have this one. Sometimes defeat really is more humiliating than just not showing up.
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